In our design studio at Creative Print Web Design, we provide website design for either personal or business purposes.

Creative Print Web Design-Website Design-Project Development

WordPress themes іѕ the mοѕt рοрυlаr form οf web site development and website presentation for our clients. At At Creative Print Web Design, wе use their operational platform for website design. It’s quick and efficient. Our clients can take over their web site for updates, if they so wish. And the learning curve for anyone is also quick.

WordPress themes have over 1000+ mobile-friendly templates. We generally develop a 6 website pages which can include a gallery page. Social media connection points. Also PayPal integration or other financial processing forms for online sales. Embed HD videos. Custom favicon for the address bar. Google Analytics integration.

Recommended Features Of A Business Website Design

When one has a business and has business website that reflects their services, one should consider the following 4 main features of a website.

Site Presentation: They competition never sleeps on their site presentation, nor should you.

Security: Because being hacked will hurt your business.

SEO/Written Content: Search engines will penalize you for having outdated and stale written content!

Trends: Humans are visual beings, they are always on the lookout for the shiny new things. Fresh website presentation keeps clients and new customers coming back to your website.

Click here to view a few examples of our custom business website designs.


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